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Application is now open for Care Africa Youth Mentoring Program for 2012. For more details visit our website for more information.





Welcome to Care Africa

Miss Africa Victoria Pageant 2015 The vision of the Miss Africa Victoria Pageant is driven by the potential and capacity to motivate and empower young men and women from African-Australian background to be leader, ambitious and very savvy, ready to take leadership responsibilities and focus on changing the world around them. To register your interest, please contact the state cordinator on 0413 583 320

Youth Mentoring

African Youth Mentoring Program aims to reconnect African-Australian in South Eastern region of melbourne back to their communities, schools, employments and to further studies and have future carer. Members of the Care Africa Youth Mentoring Program meet regularly at the Cornerstone Contact Centre in Dandenong to network with other African-Australian young people. For further information contact (03) 9705 9071.


Many young African-Australians are school-drop-out, unemployed and have no future direction. Care Africa is seeking for your help so as to support and give these young people a head start to have future hope, employment prospects, educational opportunities, carer and develop self-esteem, sense of values and self confidence. Without your help and support Care Africa Mentoring Program will suffer a set back. With your support these young people will have future and hope. Please act now, do not delay, ring us on (03) 9705 9071


Would you like to be a volunteer for the Care Africa Mentoring Program? This is an opportunity for you to make a difference in the life of African-Australian young person. If you have what it takes, please do not delay, contact us on (03) 9705 9071. We are happy to hear from you.


Care Africa Youth Mentoring Program - Free Space, Dandenong

Do you know you can be involve in Care Africa Youth Mentoring Program? Age is not be a barrier to get involve as long as you want to make a difference in young people's life. Members of Care Africa Youth Mentoring Program meet regularly to discuss varieties of issues including music, dancing, fashion, art and craft and others. Come and check it out.